take in

IPA: tˈeɪkɪn


  • (transitive) To absorb or comprehend.
  • (transitive) To enjoy or appreciate.
  • (transitive) To allow a person or an animal to live in one's home.
  • (transitive) To receive (goods) into one's home for the purpose of processing for a fee.
  • (transitive) To shorten (a garment) or make it smaller.
  • To attend a showing of.
  • To deceive; to hoodwink.
  • (transitive, climbing) To tighten (a belaying rope).
  • (obsolete) To subscribe to home delivery of.
  • (nautical) To reef.
  • (transitive) To arrest (a person).


IPA: tˈeɪkɪn


  • A fraud or deception.

take in vain

IPA: tˈeɪkɪnvˈeɪn


  • use a name, such as god, without proper respect

Examples of "take-in" in Sentences

  • Many callers to the show expressed the inability to view anymore – there is only so much imagery one person can take-in and process.
  • Aside from just visiting (which many people just do) this very popular hotel, lunch, dinner and/or good cocktails, inside or at their outdoor patio with lounge chairs and seating overlooking the whole city, lends for relaxing ambiance while sipping on something cool and letting the eyes take-in the panorama not soon forgotten.

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