take note

IPA: tˈeɪknˈoʊt


  • To pay attention; to take notice; to note.

Examples of "take-note" in Sentences

  • One during the Afghan take-note debate and the other on the night of the vote.
  • It will be a "take-note" debate - one that doesn't lead to a vote that forces the government to take a specific step.
  • The general was predictably circumspect when asked about the upcoming take-note debate on the Afghan mission in the House of Commons.
  • Having a power outlet here means you can stay in the House of Commons and keep enough juice in your portable computer to cover those all-night "take-note" debates.
  • It makes what might have been played down as a "take-note" debate on a free vote in response to an e-petition into a confrontation that might yet cost him half a dozen parliamentary aides, as well as a stock of good will among ministers like the Northern Ireland secretary Owen Paterson.

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