IPA: tˈɑɫʌ


  • The currency of Samoa, divided into 100 sene.
  • (music) A rhythmic pattern in Indian music.

Examples of "tala" in Sentences

  • He also innovated the tala system.
  • Another type of tala is the chhanda tala.
  • Only Tala remains for the rest of the series.
  • Daichi is called to take on Tala in the tie breaker.
  • Also, the tala section is completely non understandable.
  • Each song of Ashtapadi is set in a special raga and tala.
  • Tala is a city within the department of Canelones in Uruguay.
  • In the Turco-Tartar dialect a heath is called tala or tschol.
  • Many krtis and around half of the varnams are set to this tala.
  • In the Turco – Tartar dialect a heath is called tala or tschol.
  • Until I realized that in Sepedi the word for both green and blue is tala.
  • He also teaches the tala music and the tabla bols for each particular tala.
  • In order to distinguish which you mean you should say tala like the sky or tala like the grass.
  • Beginning with the Begada varna in adi thala, the recital progressed with "Siddhivinayakam" in Shanmukhapriya raga and rupaka tala, embellished with a few kalpana swaras.
  • Ito ay dumating sa mundo-set sa "tala" mode at wired na may kakayahan upang pag-aralan at cross-reference ang data na natatanggap nito, pagguhit ng pagpapasiya tungkol sa mundo.
  • "Pahi Pahi Balaganapathe" in Hamsadhwani raga and rupaka tala, which followed the Sri raga varna, was preceded by a brief but mellifluous sketch of the raga and supplemented with kalpana swaras.
  • As Chinese and Arabic travelers observed, before the introduction of paper, the Indians used bhurja (Baetula bhojpattr), or cotton clothing, or parchments, or tada-tala (Borassus flabelliformis) to write.
  • Kharaharapriya was thereafter taken up for a condensed elaboration that made a quick detour of the scale and was succeeded by "Senthil Andavan" in rupaka tala, augmented with a beautifully contoured neraval and fluent kalpana swaras.
  • But they never pretended to hold the region thus ravaged; it was sack, burn, plunder, and away; and these desolating inroads were retaliated in kind by the Moorish cavaliers, whose greatest delight was a "tala," or predatory incursion, into the Christian territories beyond the mountains.

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