talk down

IPA: tˈɔkdˈaʊn


  • (transitive, idiomatic) To negotiate a lower price.
  • (transitive, aviation) Of ground control: to verbally assist someone to land an aircraft.
  • (transitive) To convince a person to cease a drastic action or response, such as a suicide attempt or act of rage.
  • (transitive) To overcome by spoken argument.

Examples of "talk-down" in Sentences

  • And yes, it costs more in the short run than dictatorial talk-down decision-making.
  • Tombstone was an old hand and a pro, with no need for an I'm-okay-you're-okay talk-down.
  • During the Second World War, as an RAF officer, he was in charge of the first Radar talk-down equipment during experimental trials.
  • That's aside from the question of whether it will be all talk-down from the Mayor or a real give-and-take with business owners and residents.
  • First time and incompetent pilots of 180 ton airliners fly at max speed, and without continuous radar talk-down for height versus location, to ensure the correct glide-path, so as to arrive at the correct height and correct locations.
  • What drove the final stake into the new exco was its talk-down behaviour and patronising tone that masterfully exemplified to the very audience it sought to serve, just how thoroughly incapable it was of showing respect to the women of Singapore.
  • Lonely, aged, deprived of my family—all but poor Anne; an impoverished, an embarrassed man, deprived of the sharer of my thoughts and counsels, who could always talk-down my sense of the calamitous apprehensions which break the heart that must bear them alone.
  • I agree – people from Northern NJ are plenty sophisticated … I find it pretty comical actually that residents from the southern half of the state talk-down the Northern half when anyone and everyone knows that the cost of living, housing and income levels in general up north are significantly higher than in the south … but i guess that makes us “white crash”, uneducated “losers”, right? maria

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