talk over

IPA: tˈɔkˈoʊvɝ


  • To discuss; to converse about a matter or issue.
  • To persuade (someone); to talk around.
  • (transitive) To verbally interrupt (someone); to speak at the same time as someone else.


IPA: tˈækˈoʊvɝ


  • An instance of talking over someone; an interruption that continues over another's speech.

Examples of "talkover" in Sentences

    Examples of "talk-over" in Sentences

    • The exact same way as a "talk-over" would work on a mixer i.e. 1. radio dj/announcer speaks
    • If you can't "talk-over" the FACTS every time they are presented like they do on MSNBC then just declare the argument closed!!!
    • While the selector spins the records the MC animates people to get busy on the dance floor; this was called toasting, or talk-over.
    • Additional features deliver a microphone connector with a talk-over function and a headphone connector with a volume switch and channel selector.
    • Rap lyrics became a legitimate form of expression laid on top of looped breaks, influenced by the practice of Jamaican talk-over, toasting and dub.
    • The suit was over Verint's patent No. 6,404,857 for a device which can monitor several telephone communications and "relates to emotion detection, word spotting, and talk-over detection in speech analytics solutions."

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