IPA: tˈɝtʌɫ


  • (zoology, US, Canada) Any land or marine reptile of the order Testudines, characterised by a protective shell enclosing its body. See also tortoise.
  • (zoology, Australia, Britain, specifically) A marine reptile of that order.
  • (military, historical) An Ancient Roman attack method, where the shields held by the soldiers hide them, not only left, right, front and back, but also from above.
  • (computing) A type of robot having a domed case (and so resembling the reptile), used in education, especially for making line drawings by means of a computer program.
  • (computing) An on-screen cursor that serves the same function as a turtle for drawing.
  • (printing, historical) The curved plate in which the form is held in a type-revolving cylinder press.
  • (computing theory) A small element towards the end of a list of items to be bubble sorted, and thus tending to take a long time to be swapped into its correct position. Compare rabbit.
  • (dance) A breakdancing move consisting of a float during which the dancer's weight shifts from one hand to the other, producing rotation or a circular "walk".
  • (television) A low stand for a lamp etc.
  • (now rare, archaic) A turtle dove.
  • A river in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • An extinct town in Dent County, Missouri, United States.
  • A town in Rock County, Wisconsin, United States.
  • A surname, thought to be derived from the turtle dove.
  • A member of the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, a drinking club.


  • (intransitive) To flip over onto the back or top; to turn upside down.
  • (intransitive) To move along slowly.
  • (intransitive) To turn and swim upside down.
  • (intransitive) To hunt turtles, especially in the water.
  • (video games, board games) To build up a large defense force and strike only occasionally, rather than going for an offensive strategy.

Examples of "turtle" in Sentences

  • The hippo swam to the turtle.
  • Turtles are sluggish and lazy.
  • The turtle ran to the elephant.
  • Drag the turtle inside the area.
  • It is the home of the Cana Turtle.
  • Banned Turtles Sicken 248 with Salmonella.
  • The Indian flapshell turtle are omnivorous.
  • The Turtle Ship was the first ironclad in the world.
  • The upper shell of the turtle is called the carapace.
  • Turtle soup is soup or stews made from the flesh of the turtle.
  • If you think an awkward turtle is an uncomfortable reptile, then you're probably not very obama.
  • When I entered "Shark, dolphin, sea turtle" yesterday it returned a bogus phylogeny: [sea turtle+[shark+dolphin]].
  • The legendary giant snapping turtle is getting its own festival this week, in Churubusco, Indiana, for its 60th anniversary.
  • Well if someones grandma either naturally or artificially mated with the turtle from the never ending story = McConnell would probably be the result.
  • Warned by the first slight rains, which they call turtle-rains (peje canepori* (* In the Tamanac language, from peje, a tortoise, and canepo, rain.)), they hasten to the banks of the
  • The name is a compound of the word _Misril_, signifying great, and _Mackinac_ the Indian word for turtle, from a fancied resemblance of the island to a _great turtle_ lying upon the water.
  • And they loved that he did not pretty them up, or dumb them down: he wrote in their language, in which a turtle is a turkle, a loose girl is a chippy, and the glowing mist in the trees on the ridge is the willow-wisp, come to spirit them away.
  • Warned by the first slight rains, which they call turtle-rains (peje canepori*), they hasten to the banks of the Orinoco, and kill the turtles with poisoned arrows, whilst, with upraised heads and paws extended, the animals are warming themselves in the sun.

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