IPA: jubˈɪkwɪti


  • (uncountable) The state or quality of being, or appearing to be, everywhere at once; actual or perceived omnipresence.
  • (countable, sciences) Anything that is ubiquitous within a specified area.

Examples of "ubiquity" in Sentences

  • Water is ubiquity in some countries.
  • He argues for the ubiquity of variation in nature.
  • In still other cases, the issue pertains to ubiquity.
  • Can annyone demonstrate the supposed ubiquity of this term
  • In recent years, Swarfega has lost the ubiquity it once had.
  • A striking feature of democratic schools is the ubiquity of play.
  • Positive factors include the ubiquity and longevity of red dwarfs.
  • Multicore parallelism appears to be headed for the same level of ubiquity.
  • But machine dependent is not the immaturity of of the ubiquity of compilers.
  • They offer their customers a certain ubiquity, along with a consistency of product.
  • This has been tried before and failed, but maybe the technology and connectivity ubiquity is finally good enough to make it reality.
  • NEW YORK In an era when ad ubiquity is being met with more consumer avoidance, marketers are trying to make ads that work — literally.
  • Dresdensis) _ of 1571 the Philippists of Electoral Saxony also rejected the omnipresence (which they termed ubiquity) of the human nature of
  • Bank of China deftly leverages its "ubiquity" - i.e., "almost a branch on every corner" to reinforce "life-long partnership, through good times and bad."
  • BTW, Wi-Fi user configuration could also be simplified, as the syndication network provides a de-facto standard roaming config (SSIDs, etc), so the simplicity and ubiquity is maintained.
  • Both are characterized by their ubiquity and their antiquity: No known human culture lacks them, and musical instruments are among the oldest human artifacts, dating to the Late Pleistocene about 50,000 years ago.
  • Sacramentarians; it pronounced, as Calvin never would have done, that the unworthy communicant receives Our Lord's Body; and it met his objection by the strange device of "ubiquity" -- namely, that the glorified Christ was everywhere.
  • Besides, as he was with the army of Virginia, and the South fought battles elsewhere, he, not having the gift of ubiquity, is forced to rely for events of which he was not an eye-witness upon letters from friends and announcements in newspapers.
  • Glass, for all its usefullness and ubiquity, is widely overlooked for its potential to enhance our lives in many ways and the building block bottle is just one of them … heineken should have considered using additional colors and expanded the kinds of building components that its packaging suggests.

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