IPA: ˈʌgɫʌfaɪ


  • (transitive) To make ugly; to destroy or worsen the appearance or attractiveness of.
  • (intransitive) To become ugly.
  • (computing) Synonym of minify

Examples of "uglify" in Sentences

  • They uglify the articles they are in.
  • Inline citations further uglify the text.
  • It's cheating to uglify people with photoshop.
  • It is the designers and name brands which uglify women.
  • Yahoo really doesn't give you any means to "uglify" the avatars.
  • Bots shouldn't be using their automated power to uglify wikipedia.
  • But how do I uglify my girlfriend to keep other men from stealing her?
  • I also give so much credit for actors who 'uglify' themselves for roles.
  • In Columbia, where the crime rate is much much higher than Brazil, people uglify everything.
  • "Other countries have no right to intervene," he said adding that some Western countries were trying hard to "uglify" China.
  • I always uglify my downhill skis and poles - prevents theft AND makes it easier to spot them on the rack at crowded resorts!

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