IPA: ˈʌgɫinʌs


  • The condition of being ugly.
  • An unsightly or frightful object.
  • Unpleasant behaviour.

Examples of "ugliness" in Sentences

  • Materialism is the maximum of ugliness.
  • It shows the ugliness of the Israeli wall.
  • But, please, the lead is not the place for ugliness.
  • Many of these are judged by the ugliness of the vegetable.
  • The ugliness from the right continues to speak for itself.
  • Yet, the worst passage of class ugliness is this sober opinion, drenched with pity:
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  • The greater ugliness is not the inappropriate outburst, but Ms. Dowd intentionally injecting a word loaded with a history of racial condescension to label a whole movement of opposition.
  • When your party leadership (such as it is) has so little self awareness that it thinks the solution to that ugliness is to justify it using over the top words like totalitarian it is time to find new leaders.
  • Ought we to steel our hearts against the temptation, which seems to be implanted as deep as anything in my own nature -- nay, deeper -- to hold that what one calls ugliness and bad taste is of the nature of sin?
  • The lies, smears, vitriol and ugliness from a segment of our population that has been fed nothing but lies, fear and hatred for over a year now (or if you really wanted to be accurate, almost 30 years) is getting even uglier.
  • The thing's just ugly, and one big proof of its ugliness is that until the most recent election, its list of cosponsors was mostly conservative Republicans like Trent Lott and Gordon Smith and reactionary Democrats like Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu.
  • Of the men who, as I have said, admired her, some felt a peculiar enchantment in what they called her ugliness; others declared her devilish handsome; and some shrank from her as if with an undefined dread of perilous entanglement, if she should but catch them looking her in the face.

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