IPA: jˈukeɪz


  • An authoritative proclamation; an edict, especially decreed by a Russian czar or later ruler.
  • (figuratively) Any absolutist order or arrogant proclamation
  • Alternative letter-case form of ukase [An authoritative proclamation; an edict, especially decreed by a Russian czar or later ruler.]

Examples of "ukase" in Sentences

  • What was background for the ukase
  • The politicians made ukase of the country.
  • But Russia's reaction was the ukase of 1821.
  • The ukase is online at that source linked above.
  • The 1799 ukase simply affirmed this line for the RAC.
  • A ukase was enacted which brought this institution to an end.
  • It was established by Peter the Great's ukase dated 16 December 1702.
  • I doubt any law or ukase existed that included prostitutes explicitely.
  • Is this last remark an ukase from someone with editorial authority in here
  • The empress issued an ukase issued on April 17, 1732, ordering a new expedition.
  • The unfortunate governor's ukase had precipitated a general debauch for all hands.
  • Am I to expect tomorrow your ukase that I give up Scotch and soda or your patronage?
  • At his ukase the population ebbed and flowed over a hundred thousand miles of territory, and cities sprang up or disappeared at his bidding.
  • And, like his olden nights, his ukase went forth that there should be no quarrelling nor fighting, offenders to be dealt with by him personally.
  • But we rested, too,  inside our bedded gulag, a mutual blasphemy that was one great, unobeyed ukase, our traitorous lie as yet unpunished in any Sibirskoye labor camp.
  • But no drug maker, ever, has formally and so publicly challenged the ukase of the FDA—an agency that can make or break companies and is known for punishing those who challenge it.
  • U.S. v. Alaska, 422 U.S. 184, 190 (1975) (“in 1821, Tsar Alexander I issued a ukase that purported to exclude all foreign vessels from the waters within 100 miles of the Alaska coast”).
  • It’s certainly more artful typography than that of the Economist, which goes in the opposite direction on all these measures as if following the ukase “white space bad; more words good.

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