IPA: jukʌɫˈeɪɫi


  • A small four-stringed guitar.

Examples of "ukulele" in Sentences

  • I play the oboe and the ukulele.
  • Konishiki can also play the ukulele.
  • He was playing the ukulele by age three.
  • Materials for ukulele are also in preparation.
  • I would dispute that ukulele is such an article.
  • He played tenor ukulele accompanied by a gentle croon.
  • He also sometimes plays electronic keyboard or ukulele.
  • They are as different as a ukulele and a classical guitar.
  • The resonator ukulele is a descendant of the resonator guitar.
  • The music is often played on the guitar or the Tahitian ukulele.
  • Here in Hawaii the ukulele is still a large part of our culture.
  • The ukulele is a cultural icon that is seen virtually everywhere here.
  • The Hawaiians gave the instrument the name ukulele, which translates to ‘jumping flea.’
  • The ukulele is not an instrument you normally associate with the blues; nor is the blues section where you'd expect to find a Cyndi Lauper CD.
  • The ukulele, which was based on the four-stringed braginho or cavaquinhos from Portugal is an example of an earlier small-sized European guitar being introduced to a different society; the word ukulele is Hawaiian for "flea".
  • Godfrey learned to play the ukulele from a Hawaiian shipmate while he was in the Navy, and when he went on television to promote the new plastic ukuleles, more than 9 million ukuleles were sold, in the second great-wave of ukulele popularity.
  • One of the interesting things about practicing ukulele is that since I like to sing as well, finding songs to practice is a balance between what has manageable chords, and what has a melody I already know (hopefully it fits my vocal range as well).

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