IPA: ʌɫˈɑmʌ


  • A (modern) ball game, descended from tlachtli.
  • The devil bird (an avian cryptid of Sri Lanka)
  • (Islam) Alternative form of ulema

Examples of "ulama" in Sentences

  • There is already a dab page at Ulama.
  • Rulers, ulama and the traditional Islamic state.
  • Development of this mosque by one of the ulama KH.
  • As such, I think the usage appears to be in favor of Ulama.
  • He was not subject to the criterion established by the Ulama.
  • Some Indonesians refer to a widely regarded kyai as an ulama.
  • Radical Islamists viewed the ulama as puppets of the status quo.
  • Some ulama are not associated with any school, for various reasons.
  • Biasanya ulama akan mengeluarkan kenyataan berasaskan sesuatu zaman.
  • Its author had asked a number of Pakistan's Muslim scholars -- known as ulama
  • A deputation of a number of 'Ulama from India participated in this conference.
  • Mawlid is marked by celebrations culminating in a feast prepared for the ulama.
  • The modern version of this game, known as ulama, is played mainly in the western state of Sinaloa.
  • Eric knew the original message of Islam better than all the mullahs and the so-called "ulama" combined.
  • The game they played was quite different from the Aztecs 'and, in fact, a form of it, called ulama is still played today in Sinaloa.
  • It is believed that the original game, known as ulama (from the Nahuatl word "olli" meaning rubber), was invented by the Olmecs (the word Olmec is also believed to be derived from the Nahuatl word "olli") around 1500BC.
  • SHAH ALAM: Nasharudin Mat Isa retained the post of PAS deputy president and Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man won one of the three posts of vice-president as the party maintained its tradition of electing "ulama" (Islamic scholars) to its top posts.
  • Provincial Governor Abdusakur Tan, head of the negotiating team seeking to free the two International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) workers, said the region's chief "ulama", or Muslim preacher, would try to convince the Abu Sayyaf extremists to release the hostages.
  • The imams understand our angle to this story," says Dikko, noting that religious authorities, including the ulama council – comprised of imams who officially oversee Muslim affairs in the city – have welcomed dialogue with hospital staff and public health groups about how women in their communities can give birth more safely."

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