IPA: ˈʌɫsɝ


  • (pathology) An open sore of the skin, eyes or mucous membrane, often caused by an initial abrasion and generally maintained by an inflammation and/or an infection.
  • (pathology) Peptic ulcer.
  • (figurative) Anything that festers and corrupts like an open sore; a vice in character.

Examples of "ulcer" in Sentences

  • The official cause of death was gastric ulcer.
  • The location of the ulcer depends somewhat on the cause.
  • Fibrotic tissue may predispose the tissue to ulceration.
  • Descemetoceles occur when the ulcer extends through the stroma.
  • In the ulcerative form of gastric cancer the borders are irregular.
  • A common problem with the peptic areas of the body is peptic ulcer.
  • The gastric acid may also reach ulcers in the esophagus or the duodenum.
  • It is possible for ulcers to form on the area of the tori due to trauma.
  • It is also sometimes used to treat indigestion, nausea and stomach ulcers.
  • Gastric ulcers are most often localized on the lesser curvature of the stomach.
  • At first, he thought his ulcer might be acting up, or maybe he had developed a bad case of heartburn.
  • But as with all his other symptoms, the ulcer was abnormal, as demonstrated by the glossy white molars sprouting in a clump from its center.
  • I'd spent a while visiting her in hospital earlier this year when the ulcer was acting up and there was a good chance they might have to amputate her leg.
  • The ulcer is a disease endemic in Southern Arabia; it is frequently fatal, especially to the poorer classes of operatives, when worn out by privation, hardship, and fatigue.
  • This month they're being judged daily on their performance, using a volatility methodology known as the ulcer index, which balances their returns against the risks they incur.
  • It may begin as a hard nodule, or as a papillary growth which breaks down on the surface, leaving a deep ulcer with a characteristically indurated base -- the _crateriform ulcer_.
  • It was stated that the ulcer was the result of the girl's stooping over some bushes to take an egg from a hen's nest, when the point of a palmetto stuck in her breast and broke off.
  • This system of infidelity is well symbolized by a noisome, grevious ulcer, which is loathsome to the sight, offensive to the smell, corrupting to the body, and productive of awful pain.
  • The fibre seems in color and texture to be in a normal condition; indeed, there appear to be little or no pathological symptoms about the parts at all, except a slight appearance of _vermillion_ inflammation over the surface of the ulcer, which is more apparent sometimes than others.

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