IPA: ʌɫsɝˈeɪt


  • (medicine, transitive) To cause an ulcer to develop.
  • (medicine, intransitive) To become ulcerous.


  • (palynology, of a pollen grain) Having an ulcus, a rounded pore-like aperture, at one or both poles.

Examples of "ulcerate" in Sentences

  • If untreated, the lesion may blister, ulcerate and eventually result in dead tissue.
  • Their nipples became sore in the usual way, with bluish pustules; but as remedies were early applied, they did not ulcerate to any extent.
  • They all have ridges when they come in, and unless they're addressed, they become very sharp and they actually chew and ulcerate the insides of their mouth.
  • If you were to swallow a capsule containing the digestive secretions of a cat, the contents of that capsule would be so acidic that they would almost instantly ulcerate the lining of your stomach.
  • The things to look out for are: if the mole rapidly enlarges, changes in colour ie it becomes darker or lighter or goes red, if it is irregular in outline, if it starts to itch – and certainly if it starts to bleed or ulcerate.
  • Sclerotherapy is not used to treat varicose veins, simply because the vessels are too big; injecting that much salt could ulcerate the leg. In the old days before laser surgery as recently as ten years ago, vascular surgery was the only treatment available for varicose veins.
  • But such defluxions as are determined to the eyes being possessed of strong and varied acrimonies, ulcerate the eyelids, and in some cases corrode the and parts below the eyes upon which they flow, and even occasion rupture and erosion of the tunic which surrounds the eyeball.

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