IPA: ˈʌɫsɝeɪtɪd


  • affected with ulcers

Examples of "ulcerated" in Sentences

  • She has a sore on her heel that will remain ulcerated until she dies.
  • The book's best chapter is about a woman with an ulcerated mouth that shoots out lasers of agony each time she snags her lip.
  • She cannot tell me the color, the shape, if the area is ulcerated or raised, if it gives off an odor, if it has grown or shrunk.
  • "Ms. Gabor needed an amputation above her knee due to poor circulation and a large ulcerated area on her right leg," Rigberg said.
  • In October I became sick with malnutrition, and was sent back to Wolfsberg to the camp hospital, where I was treated for badly ulcerated legs.
  • For his selfless act, he suffered large black blisters, ulcerated skin, and red weeping burns that put him in pain beyond the reach of morphine.
  • It is not always possible to locate the troublesome tooth, from the pain, but by tapping on the various teeth in turn with a knife, or other metal instrument, special soreness will be discovered in the "ulcerated" tooth.
  • While I was suffering through a bout of ulcerated colitis, Ronnie became my nurse and guardian, nagging at me to eat properly, scolding me for sneaking a beer, threatening to call my doctor, reminding me to take my medication.

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