IPA: juɫˈimʌ


  • the body of mullahs (muslim scholars trained in islam and islamic law) who are the interpreters of islam's sciences and doctrines and laws and the chief guarantors of continuity in the spiritual and intellectual history of the islamic community

Examples of "ulema" in Sentences

  • This was the sole province of the Ulema.
  • It's not the right translation for ulema.
  • They would ally with, not fight with, the ulema.
  • Also, that the ulema promote and approve such violence.
  • Among the contemporary ulema, if the great Ayatollah...
  • Ali was not a scholar, he was not a member of the ulema.
  • Among the contemporary ulema, if the great Ayatollah ...
  • This modernization is opposed by most conservative 'ulema'.
  • Crone has a long history of distrusting the ulema's version of events.
  • Military problems arise from mutinous Janissaries, and factious Ulemas.
  • This theme has ample support in the Koran, hadith, and rulings of the ulema, that is, usul al-fiqh (roots of Muslim jurisprudence).
  • Kandahar clerics sympathetic to the Taliban, however, say they understand why the Islamic scholars, known as ulema, are being targeted.
  • By the whole nation, I mean its people, its scholars, its 'ulema', its judiciary and law enforcement, i.e. each and every segment of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is equally responsible for his fate.
  • All that matters is what do Allah (via the Koran) and his prophet Muhammad (through the Hadith) have to say about any given thing; and how Islam's greatest theologians and jurists-collectively known as the ulema, literally, the "ones who know" - have articulated it.

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