IPA: ˈʌɫ


  • (norse mythology) one of the aesir known for his beauty and skill with bow and skis; son of sif and stepson of thor

Examples of "ull" in Sentences

  • He played college football at ULL.
  • Ull, I think it should be done for every year.
  • I also do other questions just ask and ull get a reply.
  • His faithful oppose the sadistic elemental cults of Ull.
  • Hence contract all the literals of the form ull t to one.
  • Squoire's in Lunnon, an 'summun I reckons' ull 'a to wroite,
  • The native folk of Ull are more or less pureblooded Baklunish.
  • It only takes 2 seconds to copy this and it has a ull nice rationale.
  • Here ull find the official language of India as said by the government.
  • The doe i hit perfectly this year ran off at f ull speed but didn't go far.
  • To his considerable dismay, he has been diagnosed with epilepsy (or "ep-ull-ep-ser" as Audrey calls it).
  • The reply was waiting for them: "We are 'ull" - and before the afternoon was out, they were also telling us
  • "[F] ull of pleasures that readers familiar with Hornby should recognize, such as the kooky subsidiary characters and clever off-center dialogue."
  • -- an 'the hull countryside through Quantocks, ay, an' even across Exmoor, 'ull' ave tears for 'im an' 'is pretty little Kiddie what didn't do no' arm to anybody more'n a lamb skippin 'in the fields.
  • Republicans gave Mr. Bernanke a pretty hard time, challenging his boast that as soon as higher inflation inevitably rears its head, he'll guillotine it with a gentle p ull of his interest-rate lever.
  • Cmon Hillary, this is wishful thinkin for ur part, you knew that the votes were not goin to be counted, but because u thought ull win, u didnt have any problem with that, now that u losin u wana count them.
  • My mom, the evil Oklahoman at fault for such annoying sounds coming out of my mouth, was sweet and took care of me, and said that I kept asking on the drive home, Do they SAY-ull (or in, ya know, the King's English, sale) that stuff? ...

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