IPA: ˈʌɫt


  • (phonology) The final (ultimate) syllable of a word.
  • (video games, slang) An ultimate; the most powerful ability available to a character.
  • (South Korean idol fandom) One's ultimately favorite group or member, i.e. a preference which is never expected to change.

Examples of "ult" in Sentences

  • The following is a r ult of expansion.
  • Ult of the merge have fan out at most 2.
  • ULT academies are free of charge to attend.
  • The ULT are the sponsors of the new Academy.
  • Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you guys know who this Ult.
  • Their becoming a bigger hit than any of the other Ult Universes.
  • Aria name applied to various parts of western Asia, ult. from Skt.
  • He then became a messenger for the Fisherman Kings of the holy Ult.
  • Just letting you know that I edited the bit about the Thing in Ult.
  • Eod'm anno idem rex renovavit eccl'iam Westm 'ult' med'm p 'unam archam.
  • For example, the ULT logo and motto must now be on all school publications.
  • Your most welcome, friendly letter, I received on the 26th ult., but have not been able to reply till now.
  • And he is a proud member of the C Street c ult while running on a political platform of moral superiority.
  • Also, the prefix "ult," as in ultimate, arises into our consciousness, suggesting the ne plus ultra or eschatology. juisce
  • It is divided into Auftrian iiainault, of which the ca - pital is Mens i and French Haina ult, which is included hi the d«'partment of the North,
  • April 25, 2008 at 6:57 pm busiek / anderson astro city, levitz / giffen lsh, ostrander suicide squad, morrison invisibles, bendis / bagley ult spidey
  • Cotton in India — The following extract from a Kurrachee circular of the 7th ult. is interesting, as showing how the movement for the production of cotton is spreading in the Punjaub.
  • "We're seeing an overall more consistent kbps score and the number of 3G tests where the user scored a real low 100kbps -- 300kbps is down," said Donovan Lewis, the administrator of ult of Mac.
  • October 3, 2008 at 7:51 am wii haz 3 hosses but buckskin 1/4 hosses b mai faborit! her mostly iz a bery nyce freenlee girl, but her does hab an alt…ult…anudder pursunalitee – knoed az “black widow”
  • On the day he reported to spring training, the temperamental closer declared himself a changed man, two months after pleading guilty to the attempted assa ult of his girlfriend's father after a game at Citi Field last August.

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