IPA: vˈeɪkʌnsi


  • An unoccupied position or job.
  • An available room in a hotel; guest house, etc.
  • Empty space.
  • A blank mind, unoccupied with thought.
  • Lack of intelligence or understanding.
  • (physics) A defect in a crystal caused by the absence of an atom in a lattice

Examples of "vacancy" in Sentences

  • Senate in 1811 to fill the vacancy in the term.
  • The lack of occupancy in this sense is a vacancy.
  • The vacancy was due to the death of a councillor.
  • The Governor appoints Justices in the case of a vacancy.
  • The first vacancy was in 1871, before the Constitution of 1875.
  • The vacancy was due to the resignation of an independent councillor.
  • At the election, the vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term.
  • In the case of a vacancy the Governor fills the position by appointment.
  • This is the longest vacancy in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

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