IPA: vˈeɪkʌnt


  • Not occupied; empty.
  • Blank.
  • Showing no intelligence or interest.

Examples of "vacant" in Sentences

  • The room was vacant.
  • Love comes back to his vacant dwelling.
  • It is expensive to computerize this vacant room.
  • After facing the hurricane, the town was vacant.
  • The only point vacant on the board is the middle point.
  • Vacant buildings are interspersed among the inhabited ones.
  • At the time of the election, the seat of West Perth was vacant.
  • The province of the intellectually dishonest and morally vacant.
  • The Archbishopric was left vacant on the death of the Elector in 1805.
  • Marius Zaromskis to win vacant Strikeforce championship, TKO, first round
  • By the 1950s, the building was mostly vacant and overdue for rehabilitation.
  • "With the title vacant, a good win puts me right in line for a shot at the belt," said De Laronde.
  • "There has been an increase in vacant homes, so choices are many," Zhan says, "especially for a first-time home buyer."
  • We've also repeatedly demanded that banks adequately maintain vacant foreclosed homes and transfer them quickly and responsibly to new owners.
  • Glancing up from my notes at the old man—his expression vacant, his head trembling slightly—it was impossible to imagine him involved in such an action.
  • It is my decision that to be fair to the last two reigning champions of record, Hogan and Andre, and to furthermore be fair with the number-one contenders who would have faced either Andre or Hogan as champion, I now declare the title vacant.
  • Next to the savages, I had always lived in fear of being discovered in my retreat by the police, who would certainly think it strange to find a man and his mother living in a shed, without any practicable outside door, in what they called a vacant lot.
  • Our crezy economy: people get foreclosed and move into rental housing, and meanwhile they properties they vacate remain vacant and lead to neighborhood blight and depressed property values for their neighbors, who are therefore encouraged to default as well because they have negative equity.

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