vacation spot

IPA: veɪkˈeɪʃʌnspˈɑt


  • an area where many people go for recreation

Examples of "vacation-spot" in Sentences

  • "The vacation-spot coincidence is so lame a plot turn that you groan over it, but there's a benefit here - the boyfriend, one Aldous Snow (
  • How, for example, can Americans be asked to pay higher power bills in a recession to subsidize wind power, when the green Kennedy clan worries about windmills marring its vacation-spot view?
  • It's fair to assume that many of the few thousand other attendees will similarly identify a vacation-spot target, scribble a wine's name for a future liquor store raid, or return to their hotel room (or mountain vacation home) and order some outrageous gourmet pantry item online.

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