IPA: veɪkˈeɪʃʌnɝ


  • (US) Someone who is on vacation

Examples of "vacationer" in Sentences

  • I sold it to a woman vacationer at Castine for 25 cents and I felt rich.
  • I sold it to a women vacationer at Castine for 25 cents and I felt rich.
  • This can be a little disorienting for the dedicated kausfiles vacationer.
  • The reduction was also found to be dependent upon where the vacationer traveled.
  • And if you're the kind of vacationer who isn't loyal to one brand and just wants a cheap cruise?
  • Mexicans do it too, but mostly with significantly more restraint than the fly-in vacationer from the north or from further afield.
  • If you’re flexible, patient, and inventive, whether a full-timer or long-term vacationer, you should be able to prosper from your RV.
  • Such pilgrimages are very personal to each individual traveler and there might be certain locations that have deeper meaning depending on the vacationer or some travelers may want to attend religious services on a daily basis.
  • And once that wears off, you’re walking around with a kind of vacationer’s arthritis, wherein the cartilage of “COOL!” has worn away and now bone is rubbing directly against bone, leaving you with isolated bits of pleasure sandwiched between sitting next to hot, sweating strangers on uncomfortable seats.

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