IPA: veɪkˈeɪʃʌnɪŋ


  • the act of taking a vacation

Examples of "vacationing" in Sentences

  • It didn’t quite ruin the trip, but vacationing is hard work.
  • One of the only drawbacks to vacationing is that you are often forced to eat […]
  • The San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday that the mayor has called vacationing fire
  • He demanded that I call my vacationing supervisor, my brand-new supervisor, to have him overrule me.
  • Faneuil says he then called the vacationing Bacanovic, who agreed, telling him to confirm it with a Merrill Lynch manager.
  • Tom Lipiros, the owner of Margate Travel on Atlantic Avenue, introduced the idea of vacationing in Riviera Maya to Sanchez nine years ago.
  • He told The Blade that while his former chief of staff, Brian Hicks, typically held himself to “very high standards of ethical conduct,” it is a “disappointment” to him if Mr. Hicks acted unethically in vacationing at Mr. Noe’s home for less-than-market rates.
  • For any of these politicians including the president to include much of the time presently that they should be spending doing their jobs to get this country back in line while instead "vacationing", is an act of malfeasance and ignorance, and shows how really lazy these elected officials are.

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