IPA: væksˈinʌ


  • Alternative form of vaccinia (“cowpox”) [(medicine) An infection of cowpox.]

Examples of "vaccina" in Sentences

  • Marcella wrote: My now 3 year old received the chicken pox vaccina …
  • For example, the vaccina virus is regarded as the virus prototype of poxviridae.
  • The _pestis vaccina_, or disease amongst the cows, which afflicted this island about half a century ago, seems to have been a contagious fever with great arterial debility; as in some of them in the latter stage of the disease, an emphysema could often be felt in some parts, which evinced a considerable progress of gangrene beneath the skin.
  • But none is reliable in general; none contains a specific to neutralize the morbid poison; none is a reliable prophylactic, such as vaccina for small-pox; and if single physicians, or whole classes of physicians, assert to the contrary, the fault must lie somewhere, either in their excess of faith in certain authorities, which induces them to throw their own pia desideria into the scales, or in a want of cool, impartial observation continued for a sufficient length of time to wear out sanguine expectations.

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