IPA: vˈæksʌneɪt


  • (transitive) To treat (a person or an animal) with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease.

Examples of "vaccinate" in Sentences

  • The doctor vaccinated the children.
  • Or whether we might simply "vaccinate" people against war.
  • Previously nurses were not even allowed to vaccinate the patients alone.
  • Thousands of parents in the United Kingdom and Ireland chose not to vaccinate their children.
  • One factor, critics say, is because it has been quicker and cheaper to kill the animals than to vaccinate them.
  • In South Korea, officials are scrambling to vaccinate unaffected animals to prevent the further spread of the disease.
  • Just because the AAP says "vaccinate" and someone else says "Don't vaccinate" doesn't mean that the appropriate response is in between.
  • We talk amongst ourselves about various things; yesterdays hot topic was H1N1 and the vaccine – “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question”.
  • In recent years — as more parents chose not to vaccinate their children — epidemics of measles, mumps, bacterial meningitis and whooping cough swept across the United States.
  • At the same time, the goverment NEEDS doctors, nurses to "vaccinate" people by injecting toxic into their body so they can depopulate the world to have easier control over it.
  • They think it will strengthen the Lords, and so make them better able to oppose the Commons; they think, if they do not say: "The House of Lords is our enemy and that of all Liberals; happily the mass of it is not intellectual; a few clever men are born there which we cannot help, but we will not 'vaccinate' it with genius; we will not put in a set of clever men for their lives who may as likely as not turn against us".

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