IPA: væksˈini


  • The person who receives a vaccine.

Examples of "vaccinee" in Sentences

  • If not, though, this is one case where there’s an obvious and huge benefit to the vaccinee.
  • Now, I am sure lots of you really support mandatory vaccination because the vaccinee benefits from the vaccine.
  • "A few days before that, she had sexual contact with her boyfriend who was a recent smallpox vaccinee via the military," he added.
  • I understand that you, David Bernstein, believe that vaccination actually benefits the vaccinee, and that sterilization of a mentally disabled woman, far from benefiting her, constitutes “doing something extreme to” her.
  • The first is a small infringement to benefit a large number of people, including the vaccinee; the second is a large infringement to benefit an embryo or fetus that, until sometime in the second trimester at the earliest, can’t be considered a person in any meaningful sense.
  • Dan, like I said, (a) the compulsory vaccination case was really about a fine for not getting vaccinated, not truly compulsory vaccination; and (b) vaccination actually benefits the vaccinee, and doesn’t do anything extreme to him like stop him from having children, at worst it creates a very small risk of illness, dwarfed by the protection you get from the vaccine.

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