IPA: vʌtʃˈiniʌ


  • (medicine) An infection of cowpox.
  • (by extension) The virus which causes this infection.

Examples of "vaccinia" in Sentences

  • Vulnerability to live vaccinia virus.
  • One approach has been to use vaccinia.
  • However, vaccinia is not a harmless virus.
  • Vaccinia was not known to be a virus at that time.
  • Thus, the vaccinia virus avoids the immune system.
  • He also made three moulages of vaccinia, the cowpox.
  • A culture of vesicular fluid will grow vaccinia virus.
  • And the phrase Vaccinia is derived from the word for Cow.
  • Rifampicin has some effectiveness against vaccinia virus.
  • Smallpox vaccines are made from vaccinia, a milder related virus.
  • The vaccine is based on the vaccinia virus, a cousin of the smallpox virus.
  • However, a virus called vaccinia spreads four times faster than what was thought possible.
  • "The vaccine is not smallpox virus, but it's a closely related virus called vaccinia," she added.
  • The inoculation of man with the contents of such a vesicle produces a mild form of disease known as vaccinia, which protects the individual from smallpox.
  • (The smallpox vaccine is based on a live virus called vaccinia, which is closely related to the smallpox virus and protects against it, but normally does not cause disease itself.)
  • Researchers used the same strain of virus that's used in the smallpox vaccine, called vaccinia virus, because of its natural ability to replicate itself in cancer cells, the report said.
  • And in the past, when bandages weren't as effective, and the cleaning of hospital linens not as stringent as they are today, the transmission of vaccinia from the vaccine to others wasn't rampant:
  • Previously, viruses were thought to spread by entering a cell, replicating there, and then being released to infect new cells, so that the rate of spread of a called vaccinia spreads in a different and much faster way, according to a new study in the journal
  • The version used to eradicate smallpox worldwide was based on a different, but closely related, pox virus called vaccinia, according to Jonathan Tucker, a biosecurity expert and author of "Scourge: The Once and Future Threat of Smallpox" Atlantic Monthly Press, 2001.

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