IPA: væksˈiniʌm


  • (botany) Any of the genus Vaccinium of ericaceous shrubs including the various kinds of blueberries and the true cranberries.

Examples of "vaccinium" in Sentences

  • No, Vaccinium and blueberry are not the same.
  • The larvae feed on vaccinium and ericaceae, but also willow.
  • The red whortleberry (_vaccinium vitis idea_) is found every where, but is most abundant in rocky places.
  • This is one of five species of Himalayan plants which, until recently, were included in the genus vaccinium.
  • Exclusive License Agreement with a purchase option with JLB, Inc. developer and owner of broad-based patents covering cranberry and other vaccinium species.
  • There was no Highland heather here, but there were whole hillsides of purple red vaccinium, whose leaves were but a shade less red than its luscious grape-hued fruit.
  • Dioscorides believes it to be that called ‘vaccinium’ by the Romans, which is of a purple colour, and on which can be traced, though imperfectly, the letters αἰ (alas!) mentioned by Ovid.
  • The sod in most places is exceedingly fine and silky and free from weeds and bushes; while charming flowers abound, especially gentians, dwarf daisies, potentillas, and the pink bells of dwarf vaccinium.
  • The underbrush is chiefly alder, rubus, ledum, three species of vaccinium, and Echinopanax horrida, the whole about from six to eight feet high, and in some places closely intertangled and hard to penetrate.
  • A few are standing at an elevation of nearly three thousand feet; at twenty-five hundred feet, pyrola, veratrum, vaccinium, fine grasses, sedges, willows, mountain-ash, buttercups, and acres of the most luxuriant cassiope are in bloom.
  • As I pressed through the thick underwood, I startled a strange-looking apparition in one of the open spaces beside the gulf, where, as shown by the profusion of plants of _vaccinium_, the blaeberries had greatly abounded in their season.
  • We also enjoyed the luxury to-day of eating a large quantity of excellent blue-berries and cran-berries (_vaccinium uliginosum_ and _v. vitis idæa_) which were laid bare by the melting of the snow, but nothing could allay our inordinate appetites.
  • There is provided a plant growth inhibiting and antifungal extract prepared from the leaves and/or vines of plants of the genera Vaccinium and Myrica. There is also provided a method for the preparation of the above said biologically active extract.

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