IPA: vˈæsʌɫʌnt


  • (archaic) That vacillates; wavering; fluctuating; not constant

Examples of "vacillant" in Sentences

  • Fasse autour d’un grand feu vacillant dans la chambre
  • And life became as easy to bear as a vacillant vision seen in dream.
  • Be vacillant over those vigilant who would leave you to belave black on white.
  • He was at that time a weak and vacillant youth, given over to the same pleasures and vices which drove his father mad and caused his brother's death.
  • "That ideal, like any other, can only be approached asymptotically, never reached; and I, being somewhat foolish and silly, as well as weak and vacillant, am much less perfect than most."
  • His look from behind the deceptive, vacillant shields was hot and evil; he poured out his dazzling light, tormented men with it, yet wished them to rejoice in his presence and to compose hymns to him.
  • With hands now as steady and sure as they had been vacillant a moment since, he closed the safe door noiselessly, shot its bolts, and was yards away, crouching behind an armchair, before the man outside had ceased to fumble with the window fastenings.
  • He could by no means account for the light he seemed to see therein, a light that kindled while he watched like a tiny flame, feeble, fearful, vacillant, then as the moments passed steadied and grew stronger but ever leaped and danced; so that he, lost in the wonder of it and forgetful of himself, thought of it as the ardent face of a happy child dancing in the depths of some brown autumnal woodland ....

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