IPA: væsʌɫˈeɪʃʌn


  • Indecision in speech or action.
  • Changing location by moving back and forth.

Examples of "vacillation" in Sentences

  • Please forgive my vacillation here.
  • This was clear vacillation in his thinking.
  • If anything, it's the opposite of vacillation.
  • What vacillation and uncertainty are you referring to
  • This kind of vacillation and avoidance only feeds those fears.
  • That's what I call vacillation, and you ought to be ashamed of it. "
  • What we call vacillation is to have no fixed opinion, to be influenced at once by the opinions of others.
  • The word “if” in the original passage is only a polite expression and does not denote any kind of vacillation or option.
  • Their hesitancy was due to an innate, congenital lack of determination -- that same hideous curse of vacillation which is responsible for so much misery in human life.
  • Early in the day his supporters had thought little of this, attributing the fall to that vacillation which is customary in such matters; but towards the latter part of the afternoon the tidings from the
  • He made a charge, bending his head first towards John Eames, and then, with that weak vacillation which is as disgraceful in a bull as in a general, he changed his purpose, and turned his horns upon his other enemy.
  • This disposition of the mind, which arises from two contrary emotions, is called vacillation; it stands to the emotions in the same relation as doubt does to the imagination (II.xliv. note); vacillation and doubt do not differ one from the other, except as greater differs from less.

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