IPA: vˈæsʌɫeɪtɝ


  • One who vacillates.

Examples of "vacillator" in Sentences

  • In his post, my fellow vacillator makes some damning admissions.
  • Pat Quinn as a waffler, a vacillator, a ... var news_amount = 10;
  • Ah yes — “makes serial vacillator Bill Clinton look like Patton crossing the Rhine”
  • This White House makes a serial vacillator like Bill Clinton look like Patton crossing the Rhine.
  • Anything to arouse this personator of our human mutability, this vacillator between doing and letting alone!
  • So Raedwald is usually seen as a vacillator under his wife's thumb, a weathervane who tried to have his cake and eat it.
  • And, all along, he had been regarding himself as the weakling, the vacillator, when it was he who had held out the longest!
  • If you were a gang leader with a gang of 5 sensible sheep and 5 wily wolves, with 2 of the latter tending to agree with you, 2 tending to disagree, and 1 vacillating, then any manipulative preaching must be directed towards the sheep – not the vacillator.

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