IPA: vʌkjˈuʌti


  • Emptiness.
  • Physical emptiness, an absence of matter; vacuum.
  • Idleness; listlessness.
  • An empty or inane remark or thing.

Examples of "vacuity" in Sentences

  • It mistakes tolerance for vacuity.
  • I'll turn my emotional vacuity on you.
  • Its smugness is a corollary of its vacuity.
  • His selfish vacuity is, of course, the point.
  • The vacuity of the statements on this page defies belief.
  • Others often end up with grandiloquent kitsch or vacuity.
  • I have no clue what any of that vacuity was supposed to mean.
  • In doing so, the visible is not deposed of its seemingly vacuity.
  • Even dull rustics looked, and had a momentary lapse from vacuity.
  • The utter vacuity of this pompous pretence of philosophy leaves us breathless.
  • Will she be true to her 1995 self and candidly cut through the "vacuity" that rains down at these hearings?
  • It was a kind of vacuity, in which he wished for nothing and took no interest in anything, but only staggered along mechanically at the back of the bar.
  • Whatever the balance between denominational separatism and ecumenical togetherness, between theological rigor and theological vacuity, America was clearly a very religious place in the 1950s.
  • I suspect Kagan will tell any senator who asks that her comments 15 years ago were written in an academic vein, from the perspective of a curious legal scholar frustrated at having to endure the "vacuity" of confirmation hearings following the meltdown over the Supreme Court nomination of Robert Bork in 1986.
  • The operation of budding requires a good deal of nicety: first, to avoid wounding the wood of the stock in slitting the bark; and, secondly, to make the bark of the scion fit quite closely to the wood of the stock, as, if the least vacuity is left between them, the bud will wither instead of beginning to grow.
  • The length should be that of the bandaging; the breadth, three or four fingers; thickness, three or fourfold; number so as to encircle the limb, neither more nor less; those applied for the purpose of rectifying a deformity, should be of such a length as to encircle it; the breadth and thickness being determined by the vacuity, which is not to be filled up at once.
  • It is in fact a negation, which must prësuppose a matter once in being and possible to be denied; it is an abstraction, which cannot happen unless there be somewhat to be taken away; the idea of vacuity must be posterior to that of fullness; the idea of no tree is incompetent to be conceived without the previous idea of _a_ tree; the idea of nonentity suggests, _ex vi termini_, a pre-existent entity; the idea of Nothing, of necessity, prësupposes Something.

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