IPA: vˈækjuɫˈeɪʃʌn


  • (medicine, biology) The formation of vacuoles in a cellular tissue

Examples of "vacuolation" in Sentences

  • . . variable vacuolation in the background neuropil.
  • Drug induced autophagy was noted with increased vacuolation in the cytoplasm.
  • There was good preservation of myocyte structure with no myofibrillary disarray, myocyte hypertrophy, vacuolation or attenuation.
  • Electron microscopy data showed that brominated noscapine analogs induced extensive autophagy-related vacuolation in human macrophages THP-1 (
  • We have found, on microscopic examination in such cases, in addition to these small extravasations, collections of colloid bodies, patches of miliary sclerosis, and chromatolysis and vacuolation of nerve-cells. [
  • Brominated noscapine analogs when added to macrophages significantly induced autophagy as evident by extensive autophagy-related vacuolation in cytoplasm and upregulation of microtubule-associated light-chain protein,
  • The morbid changes consist of an inflammation of the papillary region of the derma, leading to [oe] dema and vacuolation of the constituent cells of the epidermis, followed by their complete destruction in places and their abnormal proliferation in others (Fordyce).

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