IPA: vˈækjuʌs


  • Empty; void; lacking meaningful content.
  • Showing a lack of thought or intelligence; vacant.

Examples of "vacuous" in Sentences

  • He is vacuous and stupid.
  • No, I said the concept is vacuous.
  • The citations are all equally vacuous.
  • So this part of the sentence is vacuous.
  • Furthermore the assertion is vacuous nonsense.
  • Scientifically vacuous is not the same as invalid.
  • That has been removed, and now the article is vacuous.
  • My problem is with the vacuous nature of the criticism.
  • As to the second paragraph, it is vacuous without citation.
  • MikeGene: Scientifically vacuous is not the same as invalid.
  • Another example of a vacuous concept is the greatest integer.
  • It is a variation of the inherent contradiction in a vacuous statement.
  • Furthermore, labeling your argument vacuous is a condemnation of your argument, not of you.
  • But, anything less than declaring ID to be scientifically vacuous is shortchanging the public, who depend on scientists to be honest.
  • She stood in the doorway, sucking on the straw, her face the twin of Tee Bobby’s, her expression vacuous, her eyes tangled with thoughts that probably no one could ever guess at.
  • I cringe whenever I hear terms like “podosphere” or “blogsophere” but tonight, Steve made me retch like a college freshman at his first kegger with the ultimate in vacuous hyperbole: “mainstreammediaosphere”!

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