IPA: vˈækjuʌsnʌs


  • the quality of being vacuous

Examples of "vacuousness" in Sentences

  • Last night Tory Derek claimed he was fed up with the other housemates' "vacuousness" sic.
  • As for Michelle Rhee, I heartily advise you distance yourself from her before the extent of her vacuousness becomes obvious.
  • I think that all Paul (Miles) G did was expose American wine consumers as the fickle mob that they are, further validating the vacuousness and self important Parkerist approach to wine: if someone tells me its good then it must be good.
  • Herman "I don't have facts to back this up" Cain -- whose surge in the polls underscores the vacuousness of both Romney and Perry -- was recently given an opportunity by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell to acknowledge that sexual preference isn't a choice.
  • The plaintive cry "Don't let the Government get its hands on my Medicare," might be apocryphal, but it highlights the vacuousness of a political movement that is built on deliberate denial by Americans of their own responsibility for the straits in which we find ourselves.

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