vacuum tube

IPA: vˈækjumtˈub


  • (electronics) A type of electron tube that controls electron current through vacuum between electrodes within a sealed container, usually of glass or metal and often designed to be easily installed in and removed from the equipment in which it is used.

Examples of "vacuum-tube" in Sentences

  • I rather suspect that Eric was the belle of the ball, turning up with this, his prototype polyphonic vacuum-tube synth.
  • Computation emerged not from processors or data buses, but out of the components and practices of vacuum-tube electronics in the 1940s.
  • Inspired by an offhand remark in this post about vintage Soviet radios, Carlos and friends hacked a modern PC into the case from an old vacuum-tube radio.
  • Some products we tracked in our early years, like vacuum-tube radios and detachable shirt collars, have long since been relegated to the dustbin of history.
  • After Wen will come the Shanghai technocrat Wu Bangguo, sixty-one, a one-time specialist in vacuum-tube technology whose fourth ranking disguises the fact that he lost out in the competition for the premiership.
  • De Forest had also been unable to capitalize on his earlier work in vacuum-tube technology and voice-over-radio, over which he spent years in court fighting lawsuits and even staving off criminal charges of fraud.
  • In a humorous twist worthy of a Jackie Chan double-take, the Chinese take our old vacuum-tube TVs and CRT monitors, (each of which contains 4-8 lbs of lead), and bust them up with hammers in 'breaking yards' that employ migrant workers.
  • One is called Faster, Faster! and is a detailed description of a vacuum-tube computer named NORC (Naval Ordnance Research Computer) that occupied the ground floor of a building on West 115th Street in Manhattan (between Broadway and Riverside Drive) during part of the 1950's.

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