vade mecum

IPA: vˈeɪdmɛkʌm


  • A referential book such as a handbook or manual.
  • A useful object, constantly carried on one's person.
  • Alternative letter-case form of vade mecum [A referential book such as a handbook or manual.]


IPA: vʌdˈeɪmˈɛkʌm


  • Alternative form of vade mecum [A referential book such as a handbook or manual.]


IPA: vˈeɪdmˈɛkʌm


  • Alternative form of vade mecum [A referential book such as a handbook or manual.]

Examples of "vademecum" in Sentences

    Examples of "vade-mecum" in Sentences

    • It's rather good: a sort of vade-mecum for the spiritually inclined.
    • 'Complete Letter-Writer,' my vade-mecum, which goes into such charming details, can not help me.
    • I measured it with my stick — the gentleman-scout's vade-mecum, I call it — it's marked off in inches.
    • Not a rambling, hap-hazard collection but a vade-mecum for youth from the ages of six or seven to sixteen or seventeen.
    • It is really a _vade-mecum_, small, cheap, and useful to a degree no one can fully appreciate until it has been thoroughly tried.
    • But from the opening line, it is easy to detect, lurking behind the public-spirited vade-mecum, the intimate confessions of a fetishist.
    • It is a good _vade-mecum_ for a voyage round either Cape; its digressive character suits the listless mood of the sea-goer, and he can drop, we will not say the thread, but the entanglement, in whatever watch he pleases.
    • To a _native_ of the west of England this volume will be found a vade-mecum of reference, and assist the reminiscence of well-known, and too often unnoted peculiarities and words, which are fast receding from, the polish of elegance, and the refinement of literature.
    • Avec «Archives ouvertes : quinze ans d'histoire », elle propose, plutôt qu'une simple chronologie un peu fastidieuse, un « vade-mecum de survie » au bibliothécaire ou au documentaliste souhaitant s'impliquer dans des projets basés sur ces concepts ou, tout simplement, s'en tenir informé.
    • The former cannot, at the tender age of his professional life, digest the ponderous masses of ocular lore which adorn the shelves of the maturer student's library; and the latter, while he is glad to have these elaborate works at his command for reference, is refreshed by a perusal of a few pages of the more unpretending, but not less valuable _vade-mecum_.

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