IPA: vʌdʒˈaɪnʌ


  • (anatomy) A passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus for copulation and childbirth in female mammals.
  • (zootomy) A similar part in some invertebrates.
  • (botany) A sheathlike structure, such as the leaf of a grass that surrounds a stem.
  • (colloquial) The vulva, or the vulva and the vaginal passage collectively.
  • (derogatory, colloquial) A coward; a weakling; a pussy.

Examples of "vagina" in Sentences

  • Someone confident in the gym can moisten the driest vagina.
  • Real female ejaculate comes from the vagina not the urethra.
  • These are castings of labia, the vagina is the interior part.
  • Therefore, the size of the lips were used to mimic the vagina.
  • The female reproductive system consists of the uterus and vagina.
  • Someone in the writers' room really likes saying the word "vagina."
  • The location of the Skene's gland is the general area of the vagina.
  • If the article is about the vagina, then show a vagina, not a vulva.
  • Hmm, this is becoming the kind of story that uses the word vagina a lot.
  • What shocks you, that I speak the word vagina or that I speak the truth?!
  • Nowhere in the cited reference does it state that the vagina is bifurcated.
  • At the lower end of the uterus the cervix connects the uterus to the vagina.
  • French colloquialism refering to the aroma and residue of an unwashed vagina.
  • In females, the bladder sits inferior to the uterus and anterior to the vagina.
  • After a while, if you say it often enough, the word vagina is just plain boring.
  • In fact, a recent episode must have set a record for the most mentions of the word "vagina" in a network half-hour.
  • Which has got me thinking that maybe the word vagina is just not meant to be spoken outside of an intimate conversation.
  • Just a sidenote, who thinks going out and fighting crime in an outfit that pretty much shows half of your vagina is a good idea?
  • "2 Girls" is one of those new-season sitcoms whose writers have persuaded themselves of the comic powers in the word "vagina"—a delusion that may pass in time.

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