IPA: vʌdʒˈaɪnɪzmʌs


  • (pathology) A painful muscular contraction of the vagina when attempting to insert something, such as a tampon or a penis, into it.

Examples of "vaginismus" in Sentences

  • That has nothing to do with vaginismus.
  • Treatment of vaginismus with botulinum toxin injections.
  • Botulinum Toxin in the Treatment of Refractory Vaginismus.
  • Vaginismus does not prevent a woman from achieving orgasm.
  • It may be confusing for a woman to discover she has vaginismus.
  • There are a variety of factors that can contribute to vaginismus.
  • A few sexual partners later, I suppose I've been cured of vaginismus.
  • Vaginismus does not necessarily prevent a woman from achieving orgasm.
  • Botox is a relatively new treatment for vaginismus, first described in 1997.
  • For the female they may include inability to achieve orgasm, vaginismus, etc.
  • Botox is a relatively new treatment for vaginismus, first described in 1997 .
  • And besides just social functions, she could have vaginismus or dysorgasmia or chronic functional pain.
  • A related condition in women is vaginismus, which is involuntary spasm of the vagina, preventing entry of the penis.
  • By the term vaginismus we understand a painful spasm or contraction of the vaginal orifice which makes intercourse very difficult, or impossible.
  • I suspect that you have a degree of the female condition called vaginismus, in which the vaginal muscles contract whenever an attempt at penetration is made.
  • It's an ethic that makes men with prostate cancer and women with vaginismus give up sexual contact with their partners completely because they can't have "sex" anymore.
  • There is no talk about queer issues, vaginal pain or female sexual dysfunction (vaginismus is mentioned once but only in passing and is very misleading) But besides those things being sadly left out, this book is spectacular, cute and informative.
  • In following up on DePree's recommendation for vaginal dilators, I connected with Mark Carter, who has been a force in bringing resources and information about the medical condition of vaginismus to a population that he characterized as being "poorly served."

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