IPA: vʌdʒˈaɪnˈaɪtɪs


  • (pathology) Inflammation of the vagina.

Examples of "vaginitis" in Sentences

  • Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina.
  • Relationship of vaginitis to the sex of conceptuses.
  • "vaginitis" which is marked by a yellow or white discharge.
  • Any real man that tries to eat there will catch a serious case of vaginitis.
  • For example, yeast vaginitis is the colloquial phrase for candidal vaginitis.
  • Sally fit a diagnosis of desquamitive inflammatory vaginitis, which stems from an overactive immune system.
  • And not a single fellow has a microscope in their office, forcing them to rely on gram stain only for management of vaginitis.
  • The yeast resides in the mucous membranes of most people and causes problems such as vaginitis, oral infections, and invasive, blood-borne and life-threatening infections, the researchers said.
  • Chr Hansen became a major player in offering probiotic solutions to problems such as vaginitis when a year ago it procured the Canadian firm Urex Biotech Inc, from vaginal probiotics pioneer, the renowned academic, Professor Gregor Reid.
  • It is grown widely in the tropics and subtropics and has a history of traditional use in a wide variety of conditions including fever, gastrointestinal diseases like dysentery, hepatitis, stomach ulcers and colitis, respiratory diseases influenza, allergies, venomous snake and scorpion bites, malaria, ear and skin infections, and even vaginitis.

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