IPA: vˈeɪg


  • (obsolete) A wandering; a vagary.
  • An indefinite expanse.


  • (archaic) to wander; to roam; to stray.
  • To become vague or act in a vague manner.
  • (Internet slang, intransitive) To make vague negative comments publicly; to make highly veiled complaints or insults.


  • Not clearly expressed; stated in indefinite terms.
  • Not having a precise meaning.
  • Not clearly defined, grasped, or understood; indistinct; slight.
  • Not clearly felt or sensed; somewhat subconscious.
  • Not thinking or expressing one’s thoughts clearly or precisely.
  • Lacking expression; vacant.
  • Not sharply outlined; hazy.
  • Wandering; vagrant; vagabond.

Examples of "vague" in Sentences

  • The term is, regrettably, vague.
  • The extent of the movement is vague.
  • The opening is still vague and obtuse.
  • The title of the article is too vague.
  • The answers to the questions are vague.
  • Most of the content is vague and uninformative.
  • But the definition on the page is incredibly vague.
  • The cancellation paragraph in the beginning is vague.
  • Hence the deliberate vagueness in the revised caption.
  • Herbert is vague in describing the appearance of the spice.
  • "Curious!" echoed Rebecca, finding the term vague even while suggestive.
  • I have used the English word vague as an equivalent of that word in Japanese aimaina.
  • These _vague_ articles, intended for a more vague performance, are the things which have damned our reputation in India.
  • Weber himself is at least partly to blame for this problem, for he frequently left the term vague, in spite of many attempts to clarify himself.
  • Now, Booth hopes to pick another court fight to clarify what he calls a "vague" situation that has left pastors uncertain about what they can and can't say from the pulpit.
  • Scottish business school student Steven Renwick used to harbor what he called a "vague aspiration" to get his MBA from an American institution such as the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • An initial draft of the resolution, prepared by France and Britain, had language, I was told, that called for the exercise of "vigilance" involving arms transfers to Syria - a word vague enough for the Russians to have agreed to it last year in the latest round of U.N. sanctions against Iran.
  • Yet despite this well-known pattern of exploitation, the company announced in January that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had awarded it a 5-year $385 million contract to build immigrant "detention facilities" (prisons) for immigrants arrested on charges of entering the country illegally and to provide construction and logistics support services in the event of an "immigration emergency," a term vague enough to cause activists to suspect the worst -- that they are openly planning to build detention camps for political dissidents.

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