IPA: vˈeɪgɫi


  • In a vague manner.
  • Loosely; more or less; somewhat.

Examples of "vaguely" in Sentences

  • Yet the certainty in his expression vaguely frightened her.
  • An expression vaguely reminiscent of appreciation crossed her face.
  • It is a word vaguely familiar yet disturbingly foreign to me, its meaning an anomaly.
  • Just because the articles you linked to are using the term vaguely doesn't mean that I am.
  • There is a possibility that Appian has used the term vaguely: but there is no real difficulty in conceiving the _municipia_ to be meant.
  • He had read himself to sleep the night before, a book chosen because he found the title vaguely familiar, but the choice had been poor and haunted his dreams.
  • Szajba, which vaguely translates as "something between madness and fury," attracts a young, well-coifed crowd with its airy '60s living-room-style ambience and vast selection of cocktails, showily mixed by an eager bar staff.

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