IPA: vˈeɪgnɪs


  • (uncountable) The condition of being unclear; vague.
  • (countable) Something which is vague, or an instance or example of vagueness.

Examples of "vagueness" in Sentences

  • Hence the deliberate vagueness in the revised caption.
  • This kind of vagueness is the kind of reporting that misleads people.
  • The vagueness is a new aspect confronting us because of rapid technological change.
  • Thus, the generalized statement about the Mexican "vagueness" is often heard among foreigners residing in Mexico.
  • Seriously, maybe the vagueness is an intentional tactical ambiguity designed to scare private capital into putting more private money into the system and loosening up.
  • In the interest of eventually achieving an integrated Army he was willing to settle for less than immediate and total integration, but nevertheless he attacked the board for what he called the vagueness of its recommendations.

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