IPA: wˈɑ


  • A traditional proa-style outrigger canoe of the Caroline Islands.
  • A traditional Thai unit of length, approximately two metres.
  • In Japanese society, the favouring of a harmonious community over one's personal interests.
  • An ethnic group in Myanmar.
  • (US) Abbreviation of Washington: a state of the United States of America. [Washington state (a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States; capital: Olympia; largest city: Seattle)]
  • (Australia) Initialism of Western Australia. [One of the six states of Australia, occupying the western third of the content, with its capital at Perth.]
  • (sports) Initialism of World Athletics.
  • (netball) Initialism of wing attack. [(netball) A player allowed in the centre third and goal third, but not the shooting circle.]

Examples of "wa" in Sentences

  • The cowling wa smaller diameter.
  • Because it wa available material.
  • Prior to Sinai it wa patrilineal.
  • It is an interesting wa to compare styles.
  • Muhammad in wa as h bihi wa b rik wa sallim.
  • How's that CNN 'photo of the day' music go wa wa waaa.
  • There is no meaning of wa as a substantive in Hittite.
  • Shiites want to take on more aggressive role in wa ...
  • Thanks CNN and thanks to the Obama administration. judy in wa
  • The nickname is a back formation from the school's yell, wa hoo wa.
  • Bad-mouthing Palin wa the only way this guy can get into the headlines.
  • Cobos is a research scientist and engineer at Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA.
  • It has hosted wa state titles and will host the 2009 WA smokefree state titles.
  • The number 15 suggests the word i ko, meaning “to go,” and number 87 suggests the word wa na, meaning “a trap.”
  • Thus Wa-we-a-tun-ong, the Algonquin name for Detroit, is made up from the term wa-we, a roundabout course, atun a channel, and ong, locality.
  • To deftroy theie, wa (h the branches frequently with cold fpring - wa« ter, by means of a Dutch pump* Flies aLfo fwarm The FRUIT-GARDENER. io; fwarm oo thetn, and hart both the leaves abd fboocs.
  • A coordinated program should end the payday lenders 'lifeline to easy credit -- a lifeline that stretches all the wa from the Federal reserve to the "loan store" on a poor neighborhood streetcorner.
  • If an elected leader went way beyond the constitutional limits and thus was endangering the country -- in short, wa involved in high crimes and misdemeanors -- he could be, he should be, impeached before the House and tried in the Senate.

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