IPA: wˈækʌɫi


  • In a way or to an extent that is wacky

Examples of "wackily" in Sentences

  • Throughout, of course, Herbie cheats outrageously and wackily to help Pincus win.
  • And a dream does not have to be wackily non-traditional in order to be a true dream.
  • You might also consider a wackily designed watercooler, especially one that might not work to well.
  • I first stumbled across it reading Walker Percy, which led me, a little wackily I know, to Ellen Gilchrist.
  • By now we've all heard of the "birthers" and their leader, the wackily accented dentist/lawyer/real estate agent Orly Taitz.
  • Stop your tiresome advice, and let us find out whether or not affirmative action is a popular political position and let us shamefacedly experience how wackily self-destructive Republicans can be.
  • Similarly, when placed side-by-side with professional manuscripts, as a successful submission inevitably will, a wackily put-together manuscript will stand out as unprofessional, a phenomenon that all too often leads to
  • We have not yet seen enough of André Villas-Boas to come to firm conclusions, but on his first visit to Old Trafford he demonstrated a sense of adventure that contributed to a wackily entertaining game and held out the promise of interesting times ahead.

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