IPA: wˈæki


  • Alternative form of wacke [(geology) A soft, earthy, dark-coloured rock or clay derived from the alteration of basalt.]


  • Zany; eccentric.

Examples of "wacky" in Sentences

  • He's supposed to be a bit wacky.
  • This isn't as wacky as Cydonia mars.
  • If it is a wacky article, then it is clear.
  • All of this is the ravings of a wacky minority.
  • Suggestion of populating it with presidents is wacky.
  • The audience enjoyed the creativity and the wacky sense of humor.
  • Welcome to the wacky and endlessly murky world of categorisation
  • This is the source of the group's casual, wacky on stage demeanor.
  • The offbeat character was based on another one of Troy's wacky ideas.
  • As in previous Ganbare Goemon games, the plot is wacky and lighthearted.
  • Dressed in wacky clothes, says funny stuff like, “I like pizza.” and “I got a wallet.”
  • It's a fish out of water story, with would-be heroes coming to terms with new abilities in wacky ways!
  • Kim Possible, Pinkie and the Brain, Invader Zim and many other comedies threw in wacky, wacky plots from time to time.
  • Q: Your characters are basically nice people caught in wacky scenarios that are mostly due to their own frailties and quirks.
  • Mentioning a Velez-type or a player like Johnson around the same time as Albert Pujols or Jake Peavy can sometimes result in wacky numbers.
  • These newsroom characters are regarded less as role models than as holy fools whose wisdom, no matter how wacky, is still magical and oracular.
  • Wild incomptence can also work ... or just plain wacky/random things (see: nobody expects the spanish inquisition!) # Wingson 16 Apr 2009 at 7: 57 pm
  • China uses the war on terror to justify its persecution of people in wacky cults like Falun Gong and the cultural genocide of the peace-loving Tibetans.
  • It would be very, very bad advice - sometimes crazy, misguided bad, resulting in wacky, embarrassing Three's Company-like scenarios - sometimes viciously, heinously bad resulting in devastating, life-crushing misery.

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