IPA: wˈɑdɪŋ


  • Wads collectively.
  • Soft, fibrous cotton or wool used to make a wad, or as a packaging material.
  • A surname.

Examples of "wadding" in Sentences

  • 'That's not smoke, it's some wadding I'd been using to simulate ectoplasm.
  • That's not smoke, it's wadding, which I'd been using to simulate ectoplasm.
  • Her hands seemed to be made of a kind of wadding, she handled everything so lightly and delicately.
  • It is also made into a kind of wadding, and used for the purpose of giving additional warmth to various parts of their clothing.
  • Spanish leather, lined with deer-skin, tanned with the fur on; about the ankles is a kind of wadding under the lining, to keep out wet.
  • The fabric or leather upholstery, combined with polyester wadding, is removable thanks to two lateral zips that give it an original finish.
  • On the heavier and better grades of piqué coarse picks called wadding are used to increase the weight, and also to give more prominence to the cord effect.
  • To get extra weight without altering the appearance of the face, extra warp yarns, termed wadding ends, are inserted between the face weave and the filling, floating at the back of the rib.
  • _Bombast_ was a kind of loose texture not unlike what is now called wadding, used to give the dresses of that time bulk and protruberance, without much increase of weight; whence the same name is given a tumour of words unsupported by solid sentiment.

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