IPA: wˈeɪdɝ


  • One who wades.
  • (chiefly in the plural) A waterproof boot that comes up to the hip, used by fishermen, etc.
  • A long-legged bird associated with wetland or coastal environments.

Examples of "wader" in Sentences

  • The men worked in rubber waders.
  • Be sure you fit your waders first.
  • The Ruff is a bird in the wader family.
  • The Crab plover is related to the waders.
  • Both birds are distinctive medium sized waders.
  • Chest high waders is self describing and accurate.
  • The snipe is part of the wader family Scolopacidae.
  • It was a stream wader in the montane forests of the island.
  • The Oystercatcher is one of the largest waders in the region.
  • Gallinago is a genus of birds in the wader family Scolopacidae.
  • Undoutedly I will die before the ultimate wader is found at the end of the riffle!!
  • I know they have the wader in the cataloge but don't know what they are called now.
  • It's chigger season here, so i wore hip wader to avoid getting them while walking thru the underbrush.
  • The new Guppy hip wader is a moderately priced, good-quality rubber boot made just for children, with interior adjustable straps for optimum fit, 9mm felt midsoles, and warm polymetric insulation.
  • Simms has a little advertising going on on the site too ... but glad to hear that there is something better coming out than felt wader bottoms ... the bottom of the Simms should be able to help with the invasive algae species in much of the freshwater.
  • Yes | No | Report from prairieghost wrote 51 weeks 17 hours ago i'd stay away from neoprene, too hot. most of the manufacturers are producing good, breathable waders these days. you didn't indicate whether you wanted a stocking foot to use with wading boots (which i strongly recommend) or a lug boot-footed wader.

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