IPA: wˈeɪdɪŋ


  • A river in New Jersey.


  • Appropriate to wade in.
  • Usually of a bird: which wades.

Examples of "wading" in Sentences

  • The herons are wading birds in the family.
  • Interested in wading into the next generation OPAC waters?
  • By the way, I've been wading into some tempestuous BLP waters lately.
  • Downstream will work, and in heavy water, the wading is a little easier.
  • Traditional dry fly fishing while wading is thought to be done upstream ...
  • I've been a bit of a wimp about not wading into it when writing the article.
  • Batman comics showed Robin wading through drainage pipes, climbing mountains, and visiting outer space.
  • There was a herd of elk wading from the island where they spent the night to a National Wildlife Area. 200 yards away.
  • And I have no interest at all in wading through his 400-plus comments about how worthless and corrupt all American reporters are.
  • There is no way to approach abolition without wading into slavery as deep as one possibly can, and that seems to pervade this segment.
  • I'm not necessarily interested in wading into the brouhaha over whether Bush's remarks in Jerusalem yesterday were an implicit attack on Barack Obama.
  • Suggesting to your attractive female friend that "wet wading is the way to go" even though the air temp is 56-degrees, and it's runoff ... both naughty and nice.

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