IPA: wˈɑdz


  • a large number or amount

Examples of "wads" in Sentences

  • The bumps make the carriers spill some of their wads.
  • He found two "wads" of cash totaling $974 in the teen's coat and pants pockets.
  • Removing the wads from the latter with my knife, emptied the powder on a flat rock.
  • Patternmaster makes a special choke designed for Federal Flight Control wads and the Black Cloud shells.
  • I have about half of two boxes of older Federal 3 1/2 load #5's that do not have the new Flight Control wads.
  • We have the schedule all figured out so it's empty when we go (though wads of big league chew in the grass create the occasional distraction ...).
  • Be advised that the Patternmaster and other choke tubes with internal tabs or quasi-rifling work extremely poorly with Federal Flight Control wads.
  • The politicians are blaming a culture of selfishness, egged on by Wall Street, as if bankers staring at wads of cash would garner inspiration to put the communal interest before their own pockets.

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